How Long Does It Take For Joint Supplements To Work?

Why is it the need of the hour?

Horses, too are living beings, and just like humans, they too can have arthritis or have joint pains. However, the good news is a lot of horse joint supplements have flooded the markets in the recent times, and this has in turn, proven to be a big relieve for both horses and their owners, as well. Some of these horse joint supplements work much more efficiently and much better than the others in the market and with the growing number of supplements, there is a lot of competition and might prove to be difficult for people to identify which ones to rely on. Swellings can be controlled and heating issues can also be overcome with the help of a lot of these supplements. This is often due to the excessive variety in the list of ingredients, and other times it might be the false claims of these supplements.

And just like humans do, horses too may have different biological reactions o different supplements. While on the one hand, some of the horses can show significant progress, others might just lag in this.

Different ingredients and how they affect the horses

How Long Does It Take For Joint Supplements To Work?

Glucosamine can come in the form of either glucosamine sulfate or the form of glucosamine hydrochloride. It is highly effective and can relieve pains in short periods such as 10 to 14 days, which is very useful considering the long periods that such supplements might take. It fastens the whole healing process and can also slow down the cartilage breakdown. The dosages to be effective can range from 6000-10000 mg/day. Also, it is during the initial phase or the loading period that the dosages are to be upped to relieve the pains of the horses.

A few combinations that can help aid the healing procedure:

  • Glucosamine, along with chondroitin can help a lot.
  • Therapeutic doses that too of the ingredients can help in combination products.
  • In order to overcome swellings and the heat oral hyaluronic acid can play a pivotal role.
  • MSM can be a highly effective supplement to overcome inflammations.
  • For joint health, vitamin C is highly suggested.

Now, the combinations above can be beneficial to help overcome the joint pains.

Chondroitin sulfate has many pain-alleviating effects and helps make the overall movements of the horses very fluid and natural. It helps prevent all sorts of cartilage breakdown and that happens to be one of the key features of this ingredient.

Combinations of glucosamine along with chondroitin have seemed to be very helpful as they have provided aid to a lot of joint issues and are said to be one of the best and most successful combinations.

Hyaluronic acid

How Long Does It Take For Joint Supplements To Work?

Hyaluronic acid is a very vital component for the cartilage as well as the joint fluid. Now also available as an oral supplement. It can reduce heat; control swelling and help get rid of the excess pain. 100mg/day is the appropriate dosage of the same, and there are a lot of powder supplements in the market for the same.

Avocado, along with soy unsaponifiables, are basically plant fats and these substances provided a lot of aid when it came to prevent the breakdown of cartilage. However, their effect on relieving pain was not so significant. It also, shows the results very slowly and does not have any instant or quick fixes.

Methylsulfonylmethane does not have a lot of research to its credits, owing to which, we are not really aware of the long-term effects of the same. However, in case of inflammations, they can be very helpful and prove to be good anti-inflammatory supplements. Varying doses of MSMs can thus be given to the horses in order to check their reactions to the same, and to find out what works best for the horses, and have in-depth knowledge about the same. In as good as two weeks, this can help solve the problems of pain.

Collagen hydrolysates

Collagen hydrolysates are being promoted, time and again, for their wonderful properties of healing wounds and ulcers. Although a lot of research has not been done on the same and people do not have a lot of data about the same, it has been said that the dosages need to be extremely high for it to show results on the horses. And, they may take significantly longer amounts of time, ranging from 1-2 months.

Cetylated fatty acids have had mixed reviews and feedbacks in the markets. It can help prevent the pain and also in the protection of cartilage; however, it is said to work better in combinations, to provide lasting results. Again, though, not a lot of research or studies have been done on the effects of the same, it has come out as a helpful joint supplement. They might take different amounts of time, on different horses.

Vitamin C

How Long Does It Take For Joint Supplements To Work?

Vitamin C is very vital for the cartilage, again, and for the connective tissues. However, an overdose of this can-do damage to the very parts that they were designed to protect. Horses have their bodies designed in such a way that they can manufacture their Vitamin C and that too, with ample amounts of dosages. This can help in pain-relieving for as quick as a week or two.

A lot of herbs with beneficial qualities are also available to help relieve the pains of the horses, and they are often anti-inflammatory in nature. A few well known herbs are Devil’s Claw, Yucca and Boswellia.

Manganese is also another great mineral that makes this process easier and helps in providing aid to the joint supplements in order to enhance their performances.

Copper and zinc, lastly, are also very vital in the whole process. For the formation of connective tissues, copper is a very substantial and necessary ingredient. Copper and zinc are minerals that really need to be included in the supplements of the horses to help make the process of pain-removal faster and more efficient.

Thus, we had a close look at the essential ingredients and their respective effects.